Publication:  The Patient's Role in Patient Safety

"It was an honor to team up with my colleagues from Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy for this important peer reviewed journal"

                                                                                               Ilene Corina

This manual was written and published with support from the National Patient Safety Foundation

Ilene Corina

Why is My Work Different?

All training has been developed in collaboration with local, national and world leaders in patient safety, and is continually updated.  I use the true stories of patients, their families, and those who work in the healthcare system to engage and motivate the audience.  

Patient safety education can even be fun and interactive!

I focus on health literacy / communication and specializing in patient and family engagement for truly patient centered care.  Patient safety can be about celebrating the partnership.

Patient Safety Advocate and Consultant

President and Founder of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy,  Long Island's only patient safety and advocacy organization focused on improving patient outcomes and sharing patient safety information through advocacy, education and support.

Author of "Teaching Patient Safety, An Educator's Guide"

                Author, Teaching Patient Safety,            An Educator's Guide

Looking for a Speaker?  Try Patient Safety!

Ilene Corina

​Patient safety education could be fun and interactive!

What does "making meatloaf" have to do with patient care?

What does going to the post office have to do with health literacy?

Do you know the difference between a patient advocate and the person you choose to put on your  healthcare proxy form?

Is it privacy, or is it HIPAA?

These are just some of the topics addressed in Ilene's interactive Patient Safety programs through Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy.

Teaching Patient Safety Since  1996

Teaching Patient Safety Advocacy since 2006

Patients and families learn to be "Respectful but Assertive" and part of the team!