I will help you through the healthcare system and help your family be your advocate.

Specializing in patients with special or unusual needs.

About Ilene


Ilene Corina, Working with Patients and Families

Ilene Corina is the president and founder of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (formerly PULSE of NY) a community based patient safety organization. She started Pulse in 1996 as a monthly support group for patients and families who had experienced medical injury following her own personal experiences. For the first time people had a safe place to talk about their experiences in a way that others could learn, and heal.  Many were themselves people who worked in the healthcare system.  

A board member of the National Patient Safety Foundation, Ilene co-chaired the Patient and Family Advisory Council from 2002-2006. In 2002, she spearheaded the first Patient Safety Awareness Week that shed light on the importance of partnerships between patients and healthcare professionals to reduce medical harm. Ilene was instrumental in developing the National Patent Safety Foundation Patient and Family Advisory Council which she chaired from 2002 to 2006.  Ilene is a board member of the  Joint Commission since 2005  and served on the Commission’s Health Literacy Public Policy Roundtable and the work group that developed Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community.

She started the Long Island Patient Safety Networking Council in 2003, as part of her work with the Northport, VA Medical Center Patient Safety Project. It brought medical professionals from Long Island together to talk about patient safety.

In 2010 she received a full scholarship to the National Patient Safety Foundation / American Hospital Association Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship.  With support North Shore-LIJ Health System,  the Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council and the LIUU Fund she started the Long Island Patient Safety Advisory Council which focuses on high risk community’: ethnic and racial minorities, those who have  specific diseases, and those belonging to any vulnerable or discriminated-against populations. She works with groups that have a common lifestyle, socio-economic status, literacy level or medical condition, such as people living with HIV/AIDS or Lupus, young mothers, people who are transgender, or people with disabilities, to name a few. She develops educational programs and tools to help them understand patient safety.  

She meets with families and often stays with patients at the bedside to assist in communication and patient safety concerns.

Ilene Corina is part of the team at Healthcare Solutions Connection, a network of top experts working together to provide leading edge, integrated service solutions. Ilene Corina has won numerous awards for her work with patients and families.  

Ilene is a trained youth adviser for her congregation and uses these skills to work with youth in high schools to prepare them for being part of their medical team. She uses all these experiences in her presentations and advocacy training to keep patient safety interactive and true to life.


  • 50 Experts Leading the Field in Patient Safety, Becker’s Hospital Review, 2013
  • NY State Senator Hannon’s Woman of Distinction, 2010
  • MITSS, HOPE Award, 2010
  • 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare, Modern Healthcare, 2009
  • Long Island Women’s Agenda Organization of the Year, PULSE of NY, 2009
  • Woman of Achievement, Long Island Press, 2007
  • “Cheers Award” Institute of Medication Safety, 2006
  • Acknowledged by NY State Governor George E. Pataki for efforts in passing the “Patient Health Information and Quality Improvement Act of 2000”
  • “Long Island’s People Who Make a Difference” News 12, 2000