Some of the Stories and Articles Where Ilene Has Been Featured


November 2019

What Does the Public Know About Patient Safety and Diagnosis?

August 2019

Partnering with Families and Patient Advocates: Another Line of Defense in Adverse Event Surveillance

Pharmacy Practice News

July 2019

Can Health Care Consumers Help Prevent Med Errors?

We the Patient

Interview with Ilene Corina

Laerdal  Every Life
Improving Patient Safety


February 2018

The third-leading cause of death in US most doctors don't want you to know about

Readers Digest

January 2018

7 Times You Should Hire a Patient Advocate (and When It's Unnecessary)

Media Planet

How One Mother’s Worst Nightmare Lead to a Patient Safety Movement

Get Healthy Stay Healthy

August 2017

Safety First: Taking an Active Role as a Patient

Betsy Lehman Center

October 2016

'Healing After Harm' is launched in MA to address the emotional impact of medical errors

LI Herald

April 2015

Wantagh group advocates for patient safety 

NBC News 4

February 2015

I-Team: Millions of Pounds of Prescription Drugs Wasted Each Year

Watchdog Arena

February 2015

Andrew Cuomo’s budget would shut down detailed doctor malpractice website

Modern Healthcare

April 2014

Play Examines Tragic Surgery from Patient Doctor Perspective

Becker's Hospital Review

October 2013

The Missing Ingredient in Patient Safety Efforts: Patients

Kaiser Health News

April 2013

Tip Sheet On Staying Safe In The Hospital

Washington Post

April 2013

Hospitalized patients too often have no single physician in charge of their care

Becker's Healthcare

Empowering Patients to Be Their Own Advocates in Healthcare Safety

Every Patients Advocate  

Another MRSA Death, More Heartbreak


November 2010

PULSE: Ilene Corina Receives MITSS HOPE Award at 9th Annual Dinner


May 2010

Patient Advocates and Providers Talk Patient Safety

CNN Empowered Patient


How to Avoid Falling  Victim to a Hospital Mistake

Long Island Press

September 2009

LI Advocate Named One of the Most Powerful in Healthcare

Modern Healthcare

March 2009

Beyond Dr. Phil; Oprah's Talking Patient Safety Now

UU World


UU tackles patient safety after tragedy   

American journal of Nursing

March 2005

Making Medication Administration Safe: Report challenges nurses to lead the way Transcripts

July 2002

Medical Mistakes

Daily News

October 2000